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Professional Gaming PXN Pro 2113 Joystick Flight Simulator & Controller

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  • Easy To Control - 4 axles with twist rudder control, 12 programmable action buttons, 8-way hat switch, and a rapid-fire trigger.

  • Vibration Feedback - Built-in motor to realize a vivid sense of games with vibration and high precision.

  • Latest Technology - Advanced software can support various custom adjustments, keyboard mapping and drive customization.

  • 4 Power-Grip suction Cups - Four suction cups at the bottom fix firmly and easily to a smooth surface.

  • Pretty Good Hands Feeling - With a solid, smooth feeling, very comfortable. Precision throttle control, Ergonomic design, Single hand control full function.


Type: Gamepads 
Brand Name: PXN 
Type: USB 
Model Number: PXN PRO 2113
Compatibility: PC 
OS: Windows XP, 7 , 8.1, 10, MAC IOS

Detailed Description

This professional gaming PXN Pro 2113 joystick flight simulator controller has built-in vibration motors that can produce different vibration effects according to the game scene so that you can be a true fighter. Linear potentiometer, with software correction and dead-zone adjustment functions, realizes man-machine integration in the game, achieves simple targeting, and pulls the trigger key to hit. Directional coolie cap, realizing the upper left, right four directions and 45 degrees angle operation, convenient to switch perspective in the game, the battle situation is in the eye.

Key Customization: 

Three Axes (X/Y/RZ axes) +throttle valve+12 programmable keys + eight-direction coolie cap, these functional configurations will become the needs of your game. Manipulate the swaying and pursue the enemy aircraft, successfully lock, aim and pull the trigger! Shooting is so simple. Driver software supports keyboard & mouse settings, dead zone adjustment, key mapping, axis mapping and many other customized adjustments to create your personal customization according to the needs of the game!

Ergonomic Design: 

The handle material is treated with a skin-like coating, the palm bracket is handy and brings you a comfortable sense of control. Built-in vibration motor feels exciting during the gaming period. 12 programmable buttons, could be used as you like. Under the rocker, there are 4 suction cups, ensure it will be firm when gaming

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